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Detox Plus +

Detoxing our mind and body and emotions is something needed now a days , Detox Plus is an intensive 10 days program for cleaninsing.

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Breathing Detox

If you want to know deeply how powerfull is your breathing to help and energise your mind and body then join the next Breathing Detox.

Chromatic Healing

Chromatic Healing is a new approach for understaind the human bioenergy and healing.

Chromatic Healing is a holisitic healing modality which can be used on the self or others.

InTrance Hypnosis

Robert Lewis from England and Mohamed Essa both of them every year teach Hypnosis as modality to enrich the healers and the life coach to deepen there knowledge how to help there clients.

Chromatic Persona

Chromatic Persona is a branch of the Chromatic Healing school which helps to understand the human energy and how it interacts with other energies in life.

Chi Kung and Meditation

Chi Kung is a 5000 years practice which helps to empower the mind and the ineternal organs.


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