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World Healing Meditation day

2005 Mohamed Essa became the official representer of Egypt for the World Chi Kung and Tai Ji Quan Day. He continues to host the event to date. Also he inluded the Aarabic Language to be one of the main event languages and added the Arabic translation for the event slogan which is

عالم واحد ..... نفس واحد and he asked that to be added to the event official T Shirt.

Mohamed Essa used to host the event in the Azhar Park as one of the biggest Human Development and Spirtual event.

The event hosts more than 5000 attendees all day long attending various speakers and meditations through out the event. 12 hours of continuous Spirituality with over 21 international and national Speaker and gurus of the scene . For more info kindly follow the link below

CCTV - China

cbc - eGYPT

egypt official news


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