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Chromatic Healing

Chromatic Healins is one of the method that depends on BioField Healng.

Field effects have also been invoked as explanations of a large body of research on human intention effects and nonlocality.Recent reports with relevance to CAM practices include effects on cultured cells seed germination,41 and distant healing of surgical wounds.Further, several studies have reported EEG correlations between isolated human subjects with in vitro corroboration using neurons adhering to printed circuit boards.Experiments performed with shielding suggest that some of these results are not mediated by EMFs, perhaps suggesting a role for quantum entanglement or another nonlocal process.


Such phenomena, which clearly call for scientific explanations at levels of organization beyond the molecular realm, may be explained by a common model of biofield effects.

Chromatic Healing will help you to develop abilities to feel and assess human energy fields, to start healing with your bio-energy and mind.


Chromatic Healing is a step-by-step program including healer's tools such as visualization, meditation.


By attending the workshop you will be able to gain understanding of bio-energy and bio-energetic methods of healing and energetic maintenance in everyday life; prepare mind and the body for healer's work; develop energetic ability to perform energy healing; and become a healer for self and others in order to maintain energetic health and physical, emotional, and mental balance.

Chromatic Healing Results

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