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DETOX PLUS + RETREAT is a mind, body, and spirit retreat works on the human consciousness by applying a holistic model designed by Master Instructor Mohamed Essa. This model is based on more than 25 years of experience.

DETOX PLUS + RETREAT aims to guide people to a conscious way of living to attain wellness by living with a sense of purpose that is tune with Mind, Body, Spirit, Nature and Community.


Our model consist of Spa, Fitness, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Yoga, Nature, Beauty, and Healthy Food, all brought together in a harmonious alchemy.

Detox Plus + Retreat will be a great motivation for change, and you will have experts on hand to monitor and guide you and to impart their wisdom. We have a host of great places, all of which we have reviewed in-depth, at which to detox.


Mohamed Essa had a very solid experience in oraganising and managing Healing Retreats

as he started that from around 2008 to organise healing trips.

Kindly we will show below only our latest work for Siwa Detox Plus Retreat  and Turkey Detox Plus Retreat and Tunisia Detox Plus Retreat.

For more details about our Detox Plus Retreat and coming events please visit :



The most wonderful oasis in the western desert, the oasis of beauty, poetry, the paradise of artists, there is no similar place Like it in the whole world. Sand dunes and palm trees and olive trees scattered in the Oasis with clear wells and springs. Bedouins and their tents on the vast desert area a great scene of green land among the vast desert. Siwa Oasis is located about 300 kilometres to the west of Marsa Matrouh. It is the best place for environmental treatment in Egypt; Siwa is famous for its moderate climate, pure air and blue clear sky.

El Dakrror Mountain It is located to the south-west of Siwa Oasis; people of Siwa believe that the mountain is sacred. They celebrate yearly in a big festival in October after the Harvest season (The Valley Season). The festival lasts for three days; all the inhabitants of the valley must participate in the festival. The mountain has got fame as a place for treating rheumatism, Joint pains and weakness. The aged people gained experience in the treatment known as burying the diseased parts of the body in hot sand for certain period of time in the day. This kind of environmental treatment gained fame and many tourists and Arabs come to have their treatment. The climate is moderate and the percentage of evaporation, humidity and the different colours, sand and green land, these qualifications are suitable to be a place for therapy tourism.


  • A peaceful environment during your program to support your health and protect the balance of your body, soul and mind. In addition to professionally prepared health programs and detox packages, you will have various treatments and healing sessions which will guide you to live a healthier life.

  • It has Europe’s best result-oriented options of healthy nutrition and detox programs, along with rejuvenating beauty treatments. Located within a famous 5-star Hotel, the quality of the hotel reflects in its holistic approach to wellbeing.

  • Here you will be provided with the ultimate renewal by an effective detox or healthy nutrition program and a comprehensive set of therapies in a healing environment.

  • We speak your language ;) ...


In the heart of a forest, in a protected nature spot. Enjoy a different types of treatments,  range from electrotherapy to Shiatsu, paraffin therapy to reflexology, massages to seaweed and thermal mud wraps, and not forgetting the range of classic curative and preventive spa treatments. The treatment centre is complemented by a spa water Hammam and fitness room plus a variety of ultra modern equipment for sports training and rehabilitation, as well as other equipment, so that you health break may be dedicated fully to getting back into shape and to your well-being.

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