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The Inner Creation Journey.....

Mohamed essa

With over 25 years of experience in healing, meditation and personal development as he started from his early age to study Bio-energy Science.

Mohamed Essa is a the founder of Chromatic Healing , Chromatic Healing has been developed based Mohamed Essa study and experience in BioEnergy , Chinese Medicine and BioPhysics and BioMathematics making use of his major as Engineer.

Mohamed Essa also is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner from Beijing China and NLP and Neuro-Semantics coach, teaches healing, meditation and help people connect into deeper connection with self-empowerment and inner alchemy techniques from the ancient Taoist teaching.

Mohamed Essa introduced for the first time in Egypt at 2005 The Pranic Healing and opened for the first time Pranic Healing Egypt Office and he was a teacher for Level one and two and three.

He is also a Wushu Kung Fu champion , as he has got the 6th position in Southern Staff at the Wushu African Club Competition 2008.


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Mohamed Essa will be in Dubai from 13 to 19 Nov giving private Coaching and Healing sessions.

for more information please call or text  00971-50 88 911 55

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To attend & participate in april 2nd's Global World Tai Chi & QiGong Day pre-event discussion ... we want to hear from you ... WTCQD organizers/participants, worldwide on your 2023 plans. tell the worldwide audience what does tai chi & qigong mean to you, your group, your nation? ... what does 'World Tai Chi & QiGong Day' mean to you?join this sunday, April 2nd zoom meeting ... it only happens once a year! ​we will also be honoring Dr. Effie Chow & Dr. Herbert Benson's world altering work in april 2nd discussion.scroll down for more details.join us on april 2nd for a global online discussion event featuring all of you and your local tai chi, chi kung, & mind body organizing for WTCQD 2023, and honoring dr. effie chow (founder of the world congress on qigong), and harvard's dr. herbert benson (author of "the relaxation response")

meet With essa


More info about essa experience

I am inviting you to take you a tour to know more info about my education and experience journey ...


Check the workshops and trainings offered by Essa.

“Thanks for all the knowlege I got .by attedning your courses.

Mohamed Mostafa, Dubai


Check one on my favourite retreats it is Detox Plus + Retreats for more about my retreats please check The RETREATS tab.

What about a retreat in the land of 300,000 palm trees, 70,000 olive trees, 300 freshwater springs and  25,000 amazing people ?

Yes ... also swim the springs, walk the soft sands, drive the dunes, bike around the lakes, dance to the music, eat amazing healthy food.

A land with a very deep and strong healing energy , feel the vibes of the Alexander the Great there ,  as he visited Siwa to consult with the Oracle of Siwa about his future conquests.

Fresh water springs can be found everywhere in Siwa. Some fresh water springs become public pools in which tourists and local use to swim .

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